IQOS HEETS Purple Label

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Price is per one carton
Minimal order: 3 cartons
1 carton = 200 Sticks

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HEETS PURPLE WAVE – When the pleasure has a name

Tobacco with a delicious mix of menthol and berries – what can possibly taste better?

A well-balanced combination of quality and unforgettable aroma.

If you are a HeatSticks lover than you cannot miss HEETS PURPLE WAVE.

There is something totally magical about them. Possibly the most fragrant from the whole HeatSticks collection, PURPLE WAVE sticks are not too strong on tobacco.

The desired pack comes as everything you ever wanted from tobacco. It gives a cooling effect, density, intensity and memorability.

IQOS heating system made it easy for one to choose the product they want using the most modern way of getting the pleasure from tobacco.

Your IQOS device will heat your tobacco just enough for it to a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor.

But you come out as a winner because IQOS is much less harmful than the real cigarettes. Because it doesn’t burn the tobacco it is healthier for you to enjoy your experience.


IQOS HeatSticks


Delivery Info

We are the retailers of sticks from Europe via air mail. All the parcels are delivered to private addresses of our customers by Postal services. All the items we sel are shipped as registered mail with confirmation of delivery. You will need to sign the document upon the parcel delivery. That is why the is almost zero chance of a mistake. We will always make sure the delivery is secured and you are happy.

10 reviews for IQOS HEETS Purple Label

  1. rebecca

    I don’t really agree with the “minimal order” requirements but I guess this is how you want to do it, guys. will order three cartons then. Good quality stuff.

  2. Hilary S.

    I would like to offer you my experience. If you do not which ones to choose first, Choose Purple. This is what I was told and this is what I thought worked well for me. Passing on this great piece of an advice.

  3. georgina

    flattering and very supporting of your staff to be treating customers with so much respect and concern. I feel like a VIP. totally what I wanted and expected to receive.

  4. rachel

    my rating is 5 confident stars. everything this website sends me seems perfect, even the delivery is great. I would like to recommend it to everyone.

  5. tatiana

    last time I had shopped here I thought I would definitely come back so I am here now for more orders. recommended.

  6. Terry

    Hello everyone and happy to find you here. This website has brought a lot of joy into my life. The prices are small and the delivery – the most important aspect of all – is efficient and fast, Cannot thank you enough for your Customer support team too. The guys know how to please the customers. Cheers xx

  7. fantastic joe

    the quality of these sticks are incredible. the smoothest pack I have even finished. I would like to praise the website for the possibility to deliver the boxes so fast. we appreciate this a lot.

  8. Pratt Jason

    very impressive. from the ordering process and easy-to-navigate website to prompt and almost immediate delivery with the most friendly delivery employees. keep doing your good job and we will surely stick with you. xx

  9. Eleonor

    Have tried these for the first time in my life at the friend’s house. The first thought was “wow”. Ever since that moment I have only gone online shopping for HEETS PURPLE. A truly divine taste and a very delicate aftertaste. The aroma is unbelievable. Deserves all your attention.

  10. Andrew

    Recently I switched to IQOS products. Most of the friends, who use this type of tobacco products, recommended IQOS HEETS Purple Label. And, you know, I agree with them, it’s the most not sugary, nice menthol taste and aroma. Advise to order the heets of this category.

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