IQOS HEETS Bronze Label

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Price is per one carton
Minimal order: 3 cartons
1 carton = 200 Sticks

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What would it be if the IQOS sticks would give you a bright taste of chocolate and a soft finish of cocoa with dried fruits?

This would be your HEETS BRONZE sticks.

If you ask us why their popularity is so high, we would say it’s because many smokers are willing to appreciate a fancy rich chocolate taste.

A very qualitative and sophisticated product that provokes addiction.

This is the latest and newest IQOS creation. But this isn’t the deal-breaker.

The most important is the feedback HEETS BRONZE gets from the consumers. Extraordinary taste compliments the high-quality of the product.

Like the always say – things change when you stop burning and start heating. This is how IQOS got the attention and became the trend-setter.

Don’t hesitate to that one step further and choose what’s best for you. Let the HEETS BRONZE define who you are.


IQOS HeatSticks


Delivery Info

We are the retailers of sticks from Europe via air mail. All the parcels are delivered to private addresses of our customers by Postal services. All the items we sel are shipped as registered mail with confirmation of delivery. You will need to sign the document upon the parcel delivery. That is why the is almost zero chance of a mistake. We will always make sure the delivery is secured and you are happy.

12 reviews for IQOS HEETS Bronze Label

  1. italian guy

    100% TRUST-WORTHY. Definitely a must-have for a smoker. But first of all, a must-try. You will love it. I promise you.

  2. Lindsay

    feeling incredibly fine knowing I can always come here and order my fave things. loving the product. thanks a lot.

  3. clarins

    fantastic deal on my favorite sticks. will order again for sure. glad I have found this website with such prices. hooray.

  4. Mandy

    Spectacular. To me this is a real guilty pleasure. This is not just a stick but also a chocolate bar in a roll. I like it because it is delicious and not like anything I have ever tasted before. Will be ordering more from They seem alright.

  5. Michelle

    Can guarantee you will be happy with the delivery on this website. It is fast and furious and the products as as good as they can possibly be. Almost too fantastic to be real but still … such prices do exist. Get it!

  6. Jordan

    wrapped ideally, delivered fast. professional approach to smallest details. authentic branded products and lowest prices on the internet. wow. superb.

  7. Oliver

    hello and thanks for this offer. very good price indeed. this website can be trusted. The guys deliver very fast, the sticks are authentic.

  8. Tommy G.

    Great price. Haven been doubtful about the quality but it is superb. The delivery was quick and the parcel was very well wrapped. Planning to order for my brother as well and of course, for myself too. Some more sticks won’t hurt.

  9. Ernest

    Have volunteered to write a reviews to let everyone know they can trust this website. At first I was very skeptic about the prices and thought of it as of a scam. But trust me guys, it’s my 5th purchase so far and it’s been really great. Love IQOS and thankful that the sticks can be delivered this fast,

  10. Nancy Darke

    Do not pass by! Coolness alert! This product provokes dependence and addicts you to good mood state. My strong belief is that we return to good products if nothing has impressed us more. Nothing has definitely made it better for me than IQOS did. Too different from any other brand or tobacco item. Perfect for any occasion – unlike cigarettes don’t make me “exhausted ” from using it.

  11. Mary Jade

    This is my second attempt and I have decided to give IQOS a second chance. I will explain a little so you understand what I mean well. I have been smoking cigarettes for more than 5 years. Terrible addiction. Then my friend gave me an advise to try IQOS. Honestly, it didn’t go well at first. I wanted to smoke more than I did before and gave up on IQOS too quickly. Then I thought – I need to give it another go. Have decided to get Bronze Label (recommendation from a friend of mine) and I’ve loved it ever since. The best ever.

  12. Logan

    I’ve been smoking IQOS for a little over a year. This kind of sticks – IQOS HEETS Bronze Label was recommended to me by a friend. I tried this cigarette alternative. There is dominated a tobacco flavor, so strong and stable with the notes of cocoa and dried fruit. I think every smoker should try to order this variation.

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