IQOS HEETS Amber Label

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Price is per one carton
Minimal order: 3 cartons
1 carton = 200 Sticks

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HEETS AMBER – The “hottest” IQOS cigarettes

HEETS AMBER or as many can also call them, Orange HEETS are the strongest IQOS creation at the moment. Plain tobacco taste without any additional features.

Most definitely they resemble the full strengths cigarettes you are well familiar with.

The product of “Heat not Burn” range is usually recommended to those individuals who decided to try IQOS HEETS after regular cigarettes.

They are “heavier” which means it will be easier for one to switch to as the lighter cigarettes may seem more chemical and artificial.

Intense but intriguing, so trendy that you will find the conventional cigarettes “not so modern”.

HEETS AMBER make mostly men their fans. This is due to the deep woody notes in the aroma that not all the smokers can handle.

IQOS HEETS will brighten up your everyday life. This invention not only will bring you pleasure but will be safer and better for your health in general.


IQOS HeatSticks


Delivery Info

We are the retailers of sticks from Europe via air mail. All the parcels are delivered to private addresses of our customers by Postal services. All the items we sel are shipped as registered mail with confirmation of delivery. You will need to sign the document upon the parcel delivery. That is why the is almost zero chance of a mistake. We will always make sure the delivery is secured and you are happy.

13 reviews for IQOS HEETS Amber Label

  1. Nora

    very impressed with the way this website works. very fast to receive the payment, to send the goods over and to get the feedback or questions. enjoying everything so far.

  2. Bey Tree

    Do not know why it says addictive as a bad thing, My addiction to these sticks is great and I love it. Cheers.

  3. Lenny

    It is difficult to find a website you can trust with all this scam going on but I managed to find you guys and I am happy. Thanks for everything.

  4. Mathilda

    May I please just drop a big thank you to the Customer support team who have taken me on a roller coaster ride. First I was very disappointed by the delay. Then I was frustrated by the mistake in the order by the guys have sorted it out well. We have been in touch throughout the whole time and the experience was getting better. Do not want to give out too much but even though there were a few mistakes made on the other end I appreciated the effort. The quality of the product is superb.

  5. betty

    Will be straight to the point – good company, good brand, good price and timing. Enjoyed.

  6. Destiny

    totally A MUST HAVE. this website sells original IQOS sticks cheaper than anywhere else. Happy to have found it. Will take advantage of such a fantastic price.

  7. Eleonor

    Looks like somebody’s got a new loyal customer. I am so happy with your website, guys. For everyone who is in doubt – the products are authentic and branded. Trust it. You won’t regret it.

  8. Jeff

    I started smoking IQos two years ago in Czech Republic. I’ve been back in America for two weeks. In Czech you can buy Heets everywhere (gas station, grocery store, tobacco kiosks) and I miss the convenience but it’s great to be able to order Heets online. My Czech girlfriend smokes Yellow and I alternate between Amber and Yellow, but Amber is my go to. Love the taste. Will not smoke classic cigarettes.

  9. Tron

    A good definite 4 stars. The Customer Support team has really impressed me much with their service. Will come back because of their assistance. The delivery is prompt. The product is 100% authentic.

  10. Phoenix

    What a incredible, unbelievable price! Love the fact that it’s cheap and I know exactly the type of product that I am going to get. It is all great. Like the website – it is easy to navigate.

  11. Sophie Ellis

    Definitely my favourite in the whole range of products. Incredible taste, smooth aftertaste and really special fantastic aroma. Good option for those who have just switched from cigarettes to IQOS. I see real benefits from it. It’s of much better quality and I simply like it more. 5 stars from me.

  12. Jim

    My acquaintance with IQOS began with IQOS HEETS Amber Label, if to talk about this particular line of Heets. I ordered this product right away. The taste of tobacco is very pronounced, has a characteristic smell, like of a good-quality tobacco, a good mixture of several types of tobacco. I recommend every smoker to try it.

  13. Daniel

    Not long ago I came across this type of heetsticks. Having smoked it out, I clearly noticed the absence of any flavoring additives. I am not a fan of different menthol and berry flavors. VERY soft tobacco. Not tart, not harsh, very easy to smoke. I don’t even know what cigarettes to compare them with. HEETS Amber Label is the best, in my opinion, menthol version of sticks for IQOS. Recommend.

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